October 28, 2016
1 Year, 8 months and 20 days since
the event.

This is our First Annual

Tuscarora Timberwolf Fun Run

Raising money for our school and our children while promoting health and fitness.

Our goal is for each child to raise $40.




Participants have a chance to win one of six Kindle Fires (one per grade level) and other fun prizes.

Here are some ways you can help Tuscarora Elementary be successful:

  • Come to the MyFunRun to support your child.
  • Watch for volunteer opportunities.
  • Help connect your child with sponsors, like friends, family and community members.

Why a school fundraiser?

  • Supports technology initiatives within our school to include iPads and computers to assist with in-class learning, technology carts and a new large hall monitor.
  • Supports the acquisition of classroom periodical subscriptions for learning to include: Scholastic News, Scholastic Science Spin, Scholastic Dynamath, Storyworks and National Geographic for kids.
  • Funding for class fieldtrips for all grade levels.
  • Conducting fun family community events.
  • Fulfilling teacher wish needs for specials classes to include Fine Arts, Physical Education, Music and the Media Center.
  • Providing our teachers with a meal and other goodies during Teacher’s Appreciation Week.

Thank you for your extraordinary support!!